Because your time is too precious to make unnecessary compromises. Pls. go through the reviews of our guests at the homepage.

Yes, everywhere in the house (20/10Mbps). You'll get your password when you arrive.

There are 4 rooms in the house:

  1. room BEZDEZ (because you are dreamily overlooking the Bezdez castle from the window) = king size bed (180 x 200cm) + sofabed, total 4 people. Entrance to the gallery from the common hallway. Stoves Jøtul with classic design for romantic evenings.
  2. room TROSKY (because you are looking at Trosky castle from the window) = king size bed (180 x 200cm),  total 2 people
  3. room KOZAKOV (because you are looking at Mount Kozakov from the window) = king size bed (180 x 200cm) + sofabed + baby bed, total 5 people
  4. rooom CZECH PARADISE (because you will feel in heaven) = king size bed (180 x 200cm) + 2 more extra bed possible, total 4 people. Private bathroom and toilet. Direct access to the pool and jacuzzi on the terrace. 

A healthy and restful sleep is important. As with anything else, we did not spare on mattresses. Look forward to the high-quality medium-hard health mattresses of the Czech manufacturer Dřevočal.

All rooms have a large Samsung smart TV. There's a PS4 + VR in the Bezděz room.

On the ground floor are two bathrooms and 3 x WC, upstairs is a bathroom with bath and shower and toilet.

Yes, the cottage is fully equipped. Originally, we did not intend to rent the cottage, so we did not save money on anything.

Bed linen, towels, hairdryers, iron, ironing board, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, tumble dryer (all Miele) are available for you.

The kitchen is equipped with an American fridge, AEG appliances (5x) and the Julius Meinl Inspresso Professional coffee machine. All other small appliances such as a hand blender, toaster, sandwich maker, bread maker, etc. are also available. Why not to have a good fun with the 6 people Tefal racklet?

Last but not least, it includes wellness facilities, all in first class quality: cedar wood sauna, thermal pool and whirlpool.

In short, we are the best.
We have conceived Svatá Panna generously from the very beginning. Our goal was to create luxury living in accordance with nature and modern trends. We wanted to offer our demanding guests the best accommodation option in the Czech Paradise region. 
Our first priority is the feeling of satisfaction that we are doing something meaningful. We look forward to provide you with an oasis of peace in your demanding and hectic life.
Only the best materials were used for the construction. We have always made sure that they are local and environmental friendly. The so-called lunar wood comes from the nearby Giant Mountains, harvested in winter after the full moon. Masonry is certified for passive buildings. The roof is made from recycled materials, pavings from old sandstone blocks coming from the surrounding buildings. Heat is provided by the state of the art Viessmann heat pump. In the fully equipped kitchen there are 5 AEG appliances next to the American fridge, as well as 3 x Miele in the utility room. Each room is equipped by a smart TV.
We wanted the house to look romantic, cozy and warm. The site itself is sitting directly in the UNESCO Geopark. From the windows and gallery there are breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. All the floors are heated, the dreamy mood is evoked by a look into the crackling wood in the tiled stove.
From the very beginning we’ve cooperated with the renowned architect Ing. J. Klimeš, to whom we provided an unlimited budget. We are grateful for his help, he did a great job.The construction could not be realized without help of excellent local and transcarpathian builders and craftsmen. We would like to thank many heating engineers, floorers, electricians, stove-makers, saunaers, but especially carpenter Radek Šimůnek, who built the wooden part and construction manager Roman Juráš, who carefully coordinated and managed all construction works.
We think we've done the work, but that's up to you to judge.

Yes, there's gonna be a pleasant warmth in the house when you arrive . All floors, including the corridors, are heated by a Viessman heat pump. In the living room there are also original tiled stoves and in the Bezděz room Jøtul fireplace stoves. So you can enjoy cozy well-being with crackling wood in the stove and the fireview.

It is not the best idea, the capacity of Svatá Panna best suits groups of up to 12 people. Each room has a comfortable king-size bed. Four more people can sleep on sofa beds. More people wouldn't fit into the kitchen or wellness. We charge a fee of CZK 1,000 for the thirteenth and every other person, including small children.

Sauna - comfortably for 12 sitting, or for 3 lying and 4 sitting etc. Bluetooth, chromotherapy, Himalayan salt, aromatic essences.

Swimming pool - model Swim Spa XL, manufactured by usspa.cz. It's big enough to fool around with the family. For fitness swimming it's most comfortable for one swimmer. The pool is equipped with a three-stage countercurrent. The water temperature is 30°C throughout the year.

Hot tub - comfortably for 5 people. 3 sitting , 2 lying. Features Bluetooth, Chromotherapy, fountain, spillway. The temperature is 38°C. Can be adjusted according to your wish.

For guests free, open 24 hours every day.

Interesting to know: the pool is online connected to the manufacturer. This ensures constant water quality and system monitoring.

We change the water in the hot tub after each visit. You'd never use our jacuzzi "after someone".

Please do not forget to take a shower before entering the spa.

Please do not bring drones, speakers and pets with you. We are located in a nature reserve recognized by UNESCO and respect the privacy of our neighbors. There is an absolute ban on music in the pool and jacuzzi area. In the grill house, music can only be heard at room volume so that our neighbors are not disturbed. Outside there is a ban on children's discos and fitness training with music. Svatá Panna lies on a hill and the music from the cottage could disturb the residents of the neighboring village. From 10 p.m., a night time applies. In case of violation of the night time's quiet and peace, a penalty of EUR 400 can be imposed in the administrative procedure.


We’ve invented a unique concept in serving refreshments. We’re happy to provide you with refreshing draft beer,* gourmet Julius Meinl coffee, satisfying wine, celebratory champagne, and delicious sweets from the minibar.

Our goal is to give you the means to enjoy snacks at all times during the day and night, as well providing you with the option of having a fifth coffee, an additional glass or two of champagne or a few extra beers. Svata Panna is full of joy. Your stay should be, too.

Proceeds from the sale of coffee, beer and the minibar are intended for charitable purposes. We’re a proud sponsor of mouth and foot painting artists (www.umun.cz). The lives of these artists are extremely fascinating, ranging from sad to depressing to full of hope. At the cottage you can admire dozens of their works.

As of September 2020, we have already contributed CZK 25,000 with the help of our guests.

Know that with every cup of coffee and beer you drink, you’re contributing to theses handicapped painters. As a result, they can travel to exhibitions, acquire art supplies, and receive assistance. Just another valid reason you to have one more!


*Svijany 450 (premium pale lager from a local Svijany brewery. Winner of Best Beer Award 2020)

1. Take D10 highway from Prague to Liberec. Exit the highway in Turnov.

2. Go through the center of Turnov.  Take direction Semily, road 283.

3. The road 283 takes you through 3 villages: Bělá, Chutnovka, Loktuse. 

4. Enter Loktuse village, take left from the main road. Svata Panna is above the village in Nr. 46.

The best way is to put "Svata Panna" into Google Maps.

We speak Czech, English, Russian, German and Romanian. After couple of drinks as well Italian, French, Ukrainian, Transcarpathian, Slovak and Polish.

Our goal is to provide the best accommodation in Bohemian Paradise. On Booking we are rated as the best wellness cottage in the Czech Republic. From the very beginning, we focused on quality. Discounts are not available. We are aware that we are not accommodation for everyone. When you come to us, you will admire every detail and we will take care of you with love.

Smoking is not allowed inside the building. The building is equipped with smoke detectors.  Well-being with a cigarette, pipe or cigar, however, can be indulged in the gallery, terrace or under the pergola.

We love dogs, but allowing them to stay at the cottage is problematic. On one hand, they can damage the interior. On the other hand, they are a threat to future guests who may suffer from allergies. Because of this neither dogs no other types of animals are allowed. Please do not ask us if it would be possible for you to take your small good dog with you. Sorry, that's really not possible.

For babies: we have prepared a cot with linen, changing table, baby high chair, protective drawer covers, night dim lighting and induction hob in the kitchen.

Bigger kids will appreciate WiFi throughout the house, trampoline, heated pool and perhaps a half-hectare orchard and proximity to the forest and rocks.

Yes. The whole ground floor is wheelchair accessible, the ground floor apartment can also be used by wheelchair users. The pool is as well accessible with a wheelchair. We've even placed a microwave in the kitchen in such a way that it can be operated by wheelchair users without any problems.

Definitely not. Although this practice is often common, we are above standard accommodation for people who can enjoy the life. Don't worry, we'll take care of everything.

This is no problem with us. The water temperature in the pool is always 30 °C.

Yes we do our best. Last year, Svatá Panna contributed financially to the renewal of Notre Dame Cathedral, supported the Waldorf Foundation Fund, and in particular we help mouth painting artists. Their lives are fascinating. Sad and full of hope at the same time. In 2019, we have supported them with CZK 22,000, in 2020 already CZK 35,000. The cottage has a number of their art-works. In case you stay with us, you will also become their contributor. More info at: www.umun.cz

Naturally. Already at the project stage, the construction was designed to be fair to nature. We used environmentally friendly materials and technologies, preferably local. We sort waste carefully. Biodegradable waste belongs to a composter in the garden. We will be grateful for the food leftovers, that we utilize on our family farm. We collect the rainwater into the retention tank. Then we use it to water the garden. We use ecological dishwasher tablets. On top of all of this we offer beer on tap and thus reduce the environmental burden of bottles, PET bottles and cans production.