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Even better spa with a comprehensive range of massages

  • 18. 4. 2021

Dear guests and friends of Svatá Panna.

Antoni Gaudi Library

  • 22. 5. 2020

Ripples, irregularities, natural shapes… library in front of a tree crown.

Spring at the cottage

  • 5. 4. 2020

Our Lady of Kozákov was born by master sculptor Miroslav Lauschmann, who also used local minerals for his work. The chapel was designed by Ing. arch. Josef Klimeš, baroque illusionism style door was forged by artistic blacksmith David Skrbek & son.
We would like to thank J + L Valenta family who contributed CZK 10,000 to the chapel. We immediately pointed out their gift to the mouth painting artists. Svatá Panna is one of their biggest sponsors.

Tschechisch-deutsche Grenze geschlossen

  • 13. 3. 2020

Unsere lieben Gäste. Seit heute ist die tschechisch-deutsche Grenze wegen der Korona-Pandemie für 30 Tage geschlossen.
Wir hoffen an eine schnelle Beruhigung der Situation, aber im Moment wir verstehen und respektieren die unpopuläre Schritte der Regierung.
Falls Sie Ihre Reservierung stornieren möchten, verstehen wir Sie. Natürlich helfen wir Ihnen Ihr Geld nicht zu verlieren.

Safety precautions

  • 11. 3. 2020

Although our region has not yet been hit, we have prepared the following measures in relation to the current situation: each customer receives a bottle of 52% disinfectant solution free of charge. The solution was created from pears in the garden at the cottage.

Our rating on

  • 6. 3. 2020

We are the only wellness cottage in the Czech Republic to receive the highest rating. It can’t be better, but we will do our utmost to keep the momentum. Thanks to our happy customers!

Wine cellar U Stebenky

  • 19. 2. 2020

The Bohemian Paradise of Gastronomy has recently created a number of sights and the wine cellar U Stebenky is definitely one of them. Yesterday we attended a tasting evening in a group of ten wine lovers, which turned into a perfect experience.